Thursday, December 16, 2010

..SeMesTeR BaRu BaKaL MeNjeLmA..

..It aLmosT VaCaTioN is NeaRLy eNd.. SaD.. BecauSe oNe of My BesT fReN iN UiTM PeNaNg is aBouT To gO FasT tRacK aT UiTM sHaH aLaM..
..Hmm..aNywaY, i WiSh gOOd LucK tO hiM at New pLacE..
..ThaT fReN tHaT i TaLk aBouT is DIN...
..TiaDa Lagi MMbeR NaK BaLiK SeReMbaN DeNgaN aQ..TiNggaL La aQ Kt PeNaNg SeHeLai SePiNggaN..huhuhu..
..FiNaLLy, i Hope New YeaR WiLL giVe Me New LucK...!
..tiLL tHeN..
..Buy Buy c(x
..McfLuRRy LoVeR's...

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