Friday, September 2, 2011

If u wont forget it, it will keep hunting for u..!

But this wont happen of the day u switch off ur phone,left me alone.
100 times to called u, msging u.
but u left me with 1000 of question,being with ur friend.
on that night,freely to hurt me by saying i dont love u anymore.
or anyone else.
yes! i dont deny that i've done wrong on that time.
make u feel so tesion,but is that the right for u to hurt me?
is it wrong for me to care for u on that time?
i felt sorry for ur bad result on that time.
but what u have done to me on that day, give me a great impact to me until these days.

p/s: what i've done..? Forgive me for everything. I dont deserve u. If u better without me,tell me. then I will retreated from ur life.

Sincerly from heart: khairul